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My name is Meredith, and I am the mother of two awesome boys; the wife of a fantastic husband; the band director for 100 students in grades 5 - 12 in a small community in Maine; and a follower of Christ. This blog is a place for me to reflect on what the Lord is teaching me.

Monday, March 7, 2011

He is Moving....

Church yesterday took my breath away.

1) During worship, I realized that Stephen might sing if he knew the words, so I started to tell him the words before each line, and he started to sing!
(I cried a little.)

2) During worship, there were songs that just spoke to my heart, and just filled me with the presence of my Father.

3) During the teaching, there were so many relevant points, and I took so many notes, and I felt so encouraged.

4) We had communion.  I saw the cups and plates when I went to check on Jonathan in the nursery, and I almost cried, just at the thought of having communion.

5) The music during the prayer time before communion -- just my friend Zach playing a little guitar, broke open my heart/soul/mind... tears were streaming down my face.  I was so in awe of God's goodness, love and grace.  The blessings just flooded my mind, and I cried more.  Then I started thinking about Jesus dying FOR ME. That before the foundation of the EARTH, He chose us to be the parents of our precious boys.  And I started sobbing.  A grateful, grateful heart.

That was just Sunday morning.
Then we were relaxing at home in the evening, and I started talking to my husband about something that I felt God was showing me about the church plant, and God had revealed the SAME thing to him a little while ago!!  Isn't that amazing?

We have been praying for greater discernment regarding the spiritual attacks of the enemy.  We have been praying for strength, and for protection.
We are committed to being a unified front before the Lord.


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