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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thoughts on Message 1/16/11

1 Timothy 2: 1-15

Today's message really resonated with me, and I am just making all sorts of connections and realizations.

This very topic (verses 8 - 15 -- specifically why women shouldn't be pastors, or in authority over men) was something that God spoke to my heart about in a very real, personal way. It was the second time that I ever remember Him speaking to my heart in a tangible way. (The first was the day that my husband and I met, and I knew that He was telling me that I had just met my husband.) This issue was particularly distressing to me because I had grown up in an Episcopal church with a female minister, whom I loved dearly. And because I think that even at that time I was beginning to feel the calling to teach the Word, perhaps my heart being prepared for our current call, and the growing of a women's ministry someday. (Wow... that was a tangent.) It really concerned me that the Word WAS in fact saying that women were inferior. He definitely put my mind to rest about that issue, and I will never forget the feeling of fellowship with my Father that I had that night. I remember asking question after question, and feeling the answers in my heart. I truly was communicating with my Father in Heaven, and I was humbled to tears. What I was left with was the understanding that in order for the TRUTH to be received in the hearts of men, nothing can hinder the message. Whether it is intentional, deliberate, or even something that is happening in the subconscious, men receive things differently from men than they do from women. Any wife can attest to this!


I LOVED the perspective that my pastor shared about the RANK, and ROLE that men and women are assigned in the Kingdom of God. And that by the men being in charge, being the head of the physical church/home, that he/they are accountable.

I pondered that for a while, and then I had a thought.

When women take over, it gives the men the excuse not to show up, and certainly not to step up.

Thinking about the home example...
When the woman takes charge of the whole families spiritual health, in an authoritative way, it basically tells the man not to even bother. He may already feel inadequate to the responsibilities that the Lord has entrusted to him. So not only will he not step up to his rightful role as the head of the home, he might even step OUT of fellowship, or the church. Yikes! And the other thought that I had was this.... God KNOWS (because He is smart like that) about that sense of responsibility that he equipped most men with. Accountability and things like that are very strong motivators for men. By placing the MEN in that role, He is ensuring that they are focusing on THEIR OWN walk, as well as their families'.

And then there was the whole "praying for our leaders" thing.... that really got me thinking. I even started a list.

Good stuff today.


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